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How to create an attractive Instagram feed ?

How to create an attractive Instagram feed ?

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Still known as a feed, photo gallery or grid, the Instagram feed is a succession of images published on your account in the form of thumbnails. When you have a beautiful Instagram feed, you can boost the notoriety of your account and at the same time increase your number of subscribers.

However, getting a good feed is not always an easy task. Through this article, you will benefit from some tips to have a beautiful Instagram feed.

Take good pictures

Sharing photographs is the basic rule on Instagram. This is why certain criteria are essential in obtaining the photo that will be added to your gallery. Thus, it will be necessary to take into account:

Luminosity: to obtain a beautiful luminosity, it is advisable to favor natural light. Because if you choose a bad light, an excellent framing and a beautiful subject will not be enough to sublimate the quality of your photo.

The composition: at this level, you will have to choose what you are going to put in your photograph to highlight your subject, your service or your product

The rule of thirds: is a question of dividing fictitiously or the screen of your camera thanks to two lines horizontally and vertically to be able to obtain 9 squares. The idea is to place your subject on one of these lines or one of the points of the intersection so as not to center it in the frame and in this way bring more dynamism to your photo.

To have a good Instagram feed, you have to take good quality photos while ensuring their brightness and composition.

Demonstrate consistency and harmonization

In addition to having beautiful photos, achieving a beautiful feed requires that you create a coherent and harmonious universe with the chosen theme. To do this, you will need to use specific image formats and/or a color code, or even use suitable filters.

To have quality visuals, several image formats can be used. For this purpose, you will have:

the classic square format (1080×1080 pixels) ;

the classic format (1080×1350 pixels) ;

the horizontal format (1080×566 pixels).

Thereafter, it will be up to you to choose the image format that suits you or to alternate them logically.

Apart from the image formats to take into account, your feed must be attractive. On this occasion, it will be necessary to show creativity and aesthetics. You can therefore use color codes by using pastel or sparkling colors, by publishing contrasted or desaturated images or by using the same tones.

To help you do this, you can use a simple Instagram app to highlight your posts. The best way to get a memorable, original and unique publication on Instagram is probably to create visual graphics (photo frame, text, 2 photos in 1) to generate interest and likes…

An attractive Instagram feed will allow your customers and prospects to recognize you quite easily and will help generate more commitments from them.

Achieving a beautiful Instagram feed requires taking into account several aspects. To do this, it will be necessary to ensure the quality of the photographs as well as their consistency with the chosen theme. A beautiful Instagram feed will help both attract followers and maximize your brand visibility.

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