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How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 10 Expert Tips

How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 10 Expert Tips

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Today, social networks have tremendous power in the world of marketing and digital communication. Each of these networks has its own benefits, and Instagram offers a lot of advantages for digital communication. However, it’s important to have a certain number of subscribers on Instagram to make an impact on your target audience. Whether it’s promoting a brand, highlighting a company’s products and/or services, or showcasing a business or personal passion, Instagram accounts with a certain number of subscribers have greater visibility on social media. Owners of these accounts or influencers benefit from their Instagram accounts with several hundred or even thousands of subscribers.

However, gaining subscribers on Instagram is not easy! There are several techniques. It may be natural to post interesting and quality content, but it is never certain to work or it may take time. To get a quick and safe result, you can buy subscribers on Followerest, for example, one of the best social media promotion services. It is easy and safe and the number of subscribers increases immediately. As with other Instagram features, the number of subscribers, likes and comments you receive add up to the total number of engagements on your account, providing social proof and helping to promote your profile on the platform.

Tips to help you gain subscribers on Instagram.

The goal of an Instagram account is to last over time and earn a growing number of subscribers. To achieve this goal, digital marketing experts share 10 tips to help you earn more subscribers on Instagram.

  • Highlight

Nowadays, Instagram is extremely popular all over the world and there are accounts on all kinds of topics. There are accounts on travel, animals, fashion, music, etc. Some accounts have been around for several years and have some name recognition. So, if you’re just starting out, it can be hard to compete with them. Also, interested people (potential subscribers to your accounts) won’t sign up for a new account if it’s just a repeat of one that already exists.

To secure your place in the ultra-competitive world of Instagram, you have to stand out from the crowd by creating an account on an original topic that wouldn’t be seen otherwise. In other words, you have to think outside the box and come up with an idea that hasn’t been seen before in the Instagram world.

  • Create unique, high-quality content.

The quality of Instagram posts is of great importance to the popularity of an Instagram account. If you work on the aesthetics of photos and videos, as well as the quality of texts, it will be easier to gain popularity. After all, who likes to see banal or failed photos on Instagram? In addition, spelling or grammatical errors can become a criterion for exclusion. It’s important to pay attention to maintaining the quality of your content so as not to scare away potential followers. To make sure you publish high quality content, you can ask other people for advice or reread it yourself before publishing your posts.

A high quality feed, showing appropriate photos and following a theme will carry weight. The filming and editing of the video should also be well done to add value to the viewer. Experts recommend a fairly long video length: between 3 and 5 minutes. There is no point in rushing to publish if it means presenting low-quality content.

  • Offer added value.

The success of any company is based on the added value of its products/services. This also applies to Instagram accounts. Once you’ve established your theme and targeted your audience, you need to think about what you want to offer your audience. Even if your Instagram account is high quality, with well-crafted and aesthetically pleasing content, if it doesn’t offer added value, your audience can easily lose interest.

This added value can be informative, promotional, sales, entertainment, etc. You have to make sure that your Instagram account has a purpose and that its reason for being is to offer something extra to your followers. An Instagram account without a purpose will be easily forgotten.

  • Storytelling

Instagram has the advantage of allowing you to link photos/visuals with writing. You can also add more photos to your posts and the number of text characters is high enough to tell stories. The art of storytelling is about telling a story, as in a story or a tale. This can be done simply through pictures or with the support of text.

To capture the attention of potential followers, they must be able to dream or empathize with the world presented by the Instagram account in question. An Instagram account that lacks a common thread or whose posts are disjointed can confuse its audience, who quickly lose interest in the Instagram account.

  • Stay in touch human.

One thing is for sure: behind every Instagram account are people. They are on Instagram because they want to share and communicate. That’s the nature of human beings, so it’s important to stay in touch with your audience. You do this by responding to comments and posts, staying favorable, thanking people for tags or reposts, etc. This also allows you to grow your audience, as a high intensity of interactions leads to more visibility and therefore more potential new subscribers.

An Instagram account that doesn’t interact with its community will lose value because subscribers prefer other accounts to interact with. Basically, it’s the same as in real life!

  • Measure your stats

It’s crucial to track and understand your Instagram account statistics. If you want to move your account forward and increase the number of subscribers, then you need to understand the results of your posting campaigns. The app is very comprehensive because it can measure almost every statistic: Followers, comments, postings, etc.

These results allow you to plan your posts: it’s about creating a backward plan. These publications can’t just happen at any random time. It is important to publish your posts regularly and determine when they are most visible. This can be a certain time of day, a certain day of the week, etc. There’s no magic formula or algorithm for this – it depends on your target audience and the type of content. That’s why it’s important to monitor your account statistics to determine the best time to post your campaigns.

  • Use hashtags and @ in your posts.

Instagram offers a number of digital tools that are becoming increasingly useful. These are used to improve audience interaction, increase visibility, and share posts more widely. These include tags, hashtags, and “@” for example. But you need to know how to use them properly! Because to increase your reach and gain more subscribers, you need to use these tools, but don’t abuse them.

For example, to make the best use of hashtags, social media experts recommend using relevant hashtags that match your posts. They shouldn’t be too long or contain too many hashtags in the post.

  • Use Stories, Lives, and IGTV.

Just like the post tools explained above, Instagram also offers different mediums such as Stories, Vine or IGTV. Stories are a simple and effective way to share a moment with your community. Again, it’s important to use them correctly. To get the most out of your Stories, you should write one to seven Stories per day and post them outside of business hours.

Livestreams have the advantage of allowing unfiltered discussion with your community. They can greatly improve the interaction between your Instagram account and its subscribers, as subscribers receive a notification when the live broadcast begins and can then join in to answer, ask questions, or read questions from other subscribers.

  • Buying Subscribers

Nowadays, you can buy Instagram followers through specialized agencies and this has several advantages. It’s a simple, quick and effective process to increase awareness. First of all, it optimizes the visibility of the account in question. The more subscribers an Instagram account has, the more new subscribers it attracts.

In a second step, this increases the level of awareness of the page. Even if the Instagram account offers interesting content and aesthetic images, it will be less credible if the number of followers is low. This is comparable to the reputation of a brand or company: the more a brand is known by an audience, the more its image spreads and becomes known.

This subscriber buying service is very useful for new accounts, like a new brand. With it, you can start the growth of your online visibility in no time and at reasonable prices. It is an investment in the future.

  • Collaboration with other accounts

Finally, collaborating with other Instagram accounts is also a way to gain followers. This can be similar to sharing goodwill. For example, following accounts with similar topics or commenting on topics related to the account’s activity can improve its visibility. Namely, the account will be more visible and reach an audience that is interested in that account. Besides, these other Instagram accounts are likely to subscribe in their turn.

You can also repost content created by other users. Of course, be sure to identify the author and credit the sources. Reposting content you’ve liked will help increase your visibility.

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