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Social Media Influencers: Mega, Macro, Micro or Nano

Social Media Influencers: Mega, Macro, Micro or Nano

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With a price of quite $10 billion by 2020, the social media influencer market is getting down to taking a recognizable form. This form will be divided into four categories: Mega-Influencer, Macro-Influencer, Micro-Influencer, and Nano-Influencer, and it should appear that the distinction between these four classes is just the dimensions of their following, the variations are literally rather more nuanced. And if you would like to dive into the profitable world of influencer promoting, it’s fully crucial to differentiate a mega-influencer from a nano-influencer.

We asked leading trade specialists and practitioners to assist CMS Wire outline the categories of influencers and determining the simplest use cases for every.

What is a mega-influencer?

Mega-influencers are the highest category of influencers on social media and typically have more than a million followers. Gil Eyal, CEO, and founder of HYPR Brands, explains that mega-influencers “tend to be more celebrity than an influencer. They tend to have a very diverse audience with different interests. Their relationships with individual members of their followers tend to be distant. They’re not necessarily professional, but they do allow you to reach a large audience all at once,” said Eyal.

If you’re looking for an example of a mega-influencer, think Will Smith and other A- or B-list celebrities.

Should your brand leverage a mega-influencer?

Mega-influencers have a large audience and offer brands a much larger reach, but at a very high price. As of this writing, entrepreneur Kylie Jenner is charging $1 million per sponsored social media post. “The advantage of [mega-influencers] is that they offer maximum exposure and are often used to working with brands and companies on influencer campaigns. However, they tend to be more expensive than other types of influencers,” said John Huntinghouse, director of digital marketing at Epic Marketing.

Huntinghouse also pointed out that mega-influencers don’t have “true influencer conversion power” because of the demographic and psychographic diversity of their followers. He said mega-influencers are best suited for top-of-the-funnel marketing campaigns that promote products to the public.

What is a macro-influencer?

Macro-influencers square measure one step below mega-influencers. a way to spot a macro influencer is by their range of followers, which ought to be between a hundred,000 and a million. “The average macro influencer is halfway between the micro-influencer and also the mega-influencer. There’s no precise science to differentiate these classes,” explains Deepak Shukla, founding father of PearlLemon. “Unlike most mega-influencers, macro-influencers have typically gained their ill fame through the web itself, either through vlogging or by manufacturing amusing or sacred content,” he continued.

Should your whole consider a macro-influencer?

If you would like to focus on a selected form of client, however, reach the lots, a macro influencer is also additional helpful than a mega-influencer. “If you would like to achieve a broad audience, like young ladies, a macro-influencer is maybe a much better answer,” says Shukla.

What is a Micro-Influencer?

A micro-influencer is somebody WHO has between one,000 to 100,000 followers. Micro-influencers target a selected niche or space, an Associate in the Nursing area unit is usually thought to be a business knowledgeable or topic specialist. “[Micro-influencers] have stronger relationships than a typical influencer. Usually|this can be} often driven by their perception as Associate in Nursing opinion leader of [a] material. A micro-influencer, as critical a star or regular influencer, usually encompasses a terribly uniform audience,” Gyal aforesaid.

Tech firms as well as Adobe and Squarespace area unit acknowledge interacting in micro-influencer promoting campaigns.

Should Your complete leverage a Micro-Influencer?

Micro-influencers have a relatively smaller following and don’t usually boast celebrity standing. Thanks to that, brands will bank on their followers being inquisitive no matter what created the micro-influencer, “the internet noted.”

Shukla underscored the connection of this time, “If a micro-influencer gained a sizeable following through travel vlogging, that’s the best possibility for an agency or airline,” Shukla aforesaid.

Huntinghouse conjointly highlighted that micro-influencers can usually value way but macro-influencers. “[Micro-influencers] generally provide you with the simplest bang for your buck. they need a following, however, generally do not charge constant rate as those that have a bigger following.”

However, Simon Pilkington, digital promoting manager at hi Social Australia, more that whereas micro-influencers have high levels of engagement, particularly on Instagram, some micro-influencers do charge a hefty fee. “The main [disadvantage] of operating with micro-influencers [is what they charge] per post, generally they are extraordinarily valuable, and there is no unification to create certain you are obtaining a decent deal.”

What is a Nano-Influencer?

Nano-influencers area unit, a comparatively new breed of influencer. They have a tendency to possess a smaller range of followers compared to micro-influencers, but one,000 followers. “[A nano-influencer is] somebody WHO has influence at intervals in their community. This is able to be somebody WHO has influence within the native neighborhood or community. Some examples can be an area pastor, local people leader or authorities leader,” Huntinghouse aforesa

The idea behind nano-influencers, as noted by Gyal, is to induce “regular everyday people” to influence a brand’s product or service to their friends and family. Most of the time this could be achieved through user-generated content.

Should Your whole Leverage a Nano-Influencer

One of the benefits of utilizing nano-influencers is that they have the most effective level of engagement. Due to this, many brands have begun to put an even bigger target nano-influencers. “Brands painted by nano-influencers unit usually deemed extra authentic, given the higher likelihood that the nano-influencer contains a real-life relationship with the majority of his or her followers,” shared electro-acoustic transducer metal, business executive of Triller.

But despite the high levels of engagement, the quality audience size of a nano-influencer doesn’t leave a decent reach. “The main [drawback] of in operation with nano-influencers [is] the audience size. for big and daring social media campaigns, you’ll have to appear {for extra|for extra|for added} connections and build additional orders that might be an extended task,” same Pilkington.

How to want the right Social Media Influencer

If you’re still finding out steering on the way to want the only category of social media influencer, you may have to be compelled to pay shut attention to the words of Joe Sinkwitz, a business executive at Intellifluence. “One typically has got to understand that the larger the audience, the less targeted it’s probably to be, so the broader the give will presumably have to be compelled to be. It’s no coincidence that we tend to discover Instagram celebrities selling tea diet supplements, that have a broad attractiveness rather than one factor terribly specific. [That’s why for] general attractiveness product, celebrities and larger influencers unit nice,” Sinkwitz same.

Sinkwitz explained that, similarly, if an entire is selling a product or service for a particular target market, they have to ponder partnering with either micro- or nano-influencers due to their extra “narrow” audience.

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